PSA: KAIST is Difficult and I Need Better Time Management

PSA: KAIST is Difficult and I Need Better Time Management

Hello again to you few people who have checked this page once more. You are finally rewarded with new content! Though this is a notice both for any readers and equally to myself.

I started happily at KAIST in the Fall 2017 semester, last September, after having travelled around Japan and Korea with my family as I had begun to document. Clearly, this documentation took rather a low priority on my suddenly very full to-do list, and hence I have not posted anything for quite some time!

I am now headed back to KAIST to begin my second semester, and this has prompted me to restart my writing for this blog, which though it did tail off, I certainly want to continue. From now on, I plan to write about things without too much delay after they happen, as I think trying too hard to keep things chronological was part of my downfall. However, I will also gradually fill in last summer’s travels and the process and events of beginning at university abroad, as it was full of excitement and happenings as well as a steep learning curve.

I am undertaking difficult courses this semester, partly due to unfortunate timetabling, which I’m sure I can rant about at a later time. Therefore, I definitely need to be more disciplined with my time, which will hopefully also lead to more regular updates here.

Thank you for still reading – and this time, watch this space!


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